The Little Things I love In Life


For anyone who HASN’T seen it (which I’m pretty sure I was the only one).

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"Behind Lisbon" ♥

“Oh, I like it when you get all authoritarian on me.”
— Patrick Jane, The Mentalist (via jellyofthearts)


cas: i’m gonna become a hunter.
sam: …really?
cas: yeah, i could be your third wheel.
dean: you know that’s not a good thing, right?
cas: of course it is! a third wheel adds extra grip, greater stability…i even found a case! oklahoma city, a man’s heart jumped ten feet out of his chest. sounds like our kinda thing, right?
sam: he’s got a point.
cas: excellent. i’ll see you there.
dean: wait, cas. CAS. you wanna play cowboys and bloodsuckers, that’s fine. but you’re gonna stick with us, okay? none of this zapping around crap. kapish?
cas: yeah, i kapish.

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